"We make artificial intelligence accessible for everyone with our unique applied A.I. programming courses speeding-up the learning process for the student."


Jacob Jensen - Founder Leaky.AI


About Our Courses

Our content is quick to digest and focused on applying A.I. to solve real-world problems.  We offer on-demand digital courses.  Our instructors are experts in their field and passionate about teaching.

Why Our Approach Is Unique

Unlike most A.I. courses, we take an applied approach to teaching A.I. development.  We show our students how to map the right A.I. technology to the business problem being solved with less emphasis on theory and more on coding.

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About Our Name

Our name Leaky.AI was inspired by a major advancement in the deep learning field known as activation functions. Neural networks are composed of individual interconnected neurons and power modern A.I. systems like search, recommendation engines, forecasting, self-driving cars, etc.  

ReLU is a popular choice of activation function today. A team of researchers modified it slightly to “leak” information required during the training process to support deeper neural networks (LeakyRELU).  This transformed the industry enabling researchers to build very deep neural networks that could easily exceed human performance in disciplines like computer vision and natural language processing.

You can read more about activation functions here:

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